100% Handmade                                               100% Natural

Stone cladding used on a new building

Huge range of Brick and Stone Cladding

Brick Slips and Stone Cladding Specialists

We offer an extensive range of Brick Slips and Stone Cladding delivered directly to your door. Simply browse our website and shop to pick your favourite style.

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Grey rubble stone cladding

Rubble Stone

With its dense surface pattern creating a sand stone texture and its uneven geometry, it is a unique product. Either installed with joints or as dry stack walls, it delivers a completely different appearance. It is manufactured in 6 different colors.

Tumbled Stone panels used as a feature wall

Tumbled Stone

Having a wide area of usage, modular range both enriches the spaces aesthetically and saves greatly from time and labor costs. Modular products provide an effective and aesthetic solution primarily in projects with tight deadlines. Our modular stone collection is here.

Ledge stone panels

Ledge Stone

Delicate stone slates can be used in a wide range of areas. It is not only harmonious with modern designs, but also traditional applications. It can be installed either with joints or in the form of stacked walls.





All of our products are produced entirely from

natural clay and completely handmade and

suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

High quality standards providing high level

natural sound and heat insulation.

Red brick slips used on a house extension
Clay brick slips in a mould


The difference with our Clay Range from other products

on the market is that they are completely handmade of 100%  natural clay without using any kind of paint or dye.

Our products, which are manufactured in accordance with indoor and outdoor spaces meet high quality UK and International standards, add aesthetic and sustainable solutions to building projects.